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The next eight chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is out. I enjoyed it, even if as I have mentioned in my previous article, I hoped there were more to it.

There are new things, however. It was a nice surprise to hear audio clips in scenes where there was no interaction. I was surprised and pleased about it. I usually listen to the Harry Potter audio books at work and it’s great especially when you don’t have time to sit down and read.

My favorite chapters are here as well. The Marauder’s Map, in particular. I have always wondered what happened to the map after the fake Moody borrowed it from Harry and thanks to JK Rowling’s new content, I found out that Harry got it back when fake Moody’s office was empty. I also found out how they were able to plot the map of Hogwarts being an animagi and with the help of the Invisibility Cloak. I also thought that from the time of James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, the map came into different hands before being confiscated by Filch and finally beinb stolen by the twins. It was in fact confiscated from the four of them and stayed in Filch’s drawer for the next, I dunno, couple of decades probably, before the twins got it. I do wonder, still, how the twins discovered how it works. Maybe a bit more insight? Anyway, I especially loved how they visualized the entrance to the secret passage from the statue of the humpbacked, one-eyed witch. And the witch’s name is Gunhilda of Gorsemoor. She developed a cure for Dragon pox according to the chocolate frog. The visit to the Honeydukes was a treat. How I wish I could grab all those sweets! Makes me want to get myself some chocolates and candies next time I’m out shopping.

I also liked Peeves’s drawing in the Flight of the Fat Lady. He was making laughing sounds and sitting on top of the student’s head. I think he stole that scene from the Fat Lady.

The details on the dementors is amazing. You can see their bony hands and the sounds they are making will give you the creeps. Add the background of thunders and you get a really scary moment there.

I am not content though with the chapter on the Three Broomsticks. I hoped they brought us inside, at least. It was cold outside, to be honest. And that snowball I picked will surely melt in my trunk.

The Patronus charm is also inteoduced of course. There’s a scene in the classroom where Professor Lupin was teaching Harry. I can’t wait till book 5 to finally discover what form my Patronus would look like. Even now, I hope that Pottermore will make sure that we each get to know the shape of our Patronuses.

Harry’s head afloat in front of the shrieking shack was wicked fun as well. You can see Draco and his friends running away from fright. I am also glad that they incorporated what the map said to Professor Snape when he tried to discover its secret. Snape gets to be called for his abnormally large nose, an ugly git, an idiot and a slimeball. Hahaha! That never fails to give me a good laugh everytime I read that part. I can only imagine how Snape hated them. Then fate later on decided that he should save Harry out of his love for Lily. Then he threw some floo powder to summon Lupin and it was a very nice scene.

Last is the Quidditch finals which Gryffindor finally won! It was a very happy moment.


Vernon and Petunia Dursley   Leave a comment

We were all surprised about how Petunia knew about dementors.  We were all baffled when she received a howler from someone in the wizarding world and to realize eventually that it was Dumbledore.  Even more shocking to realize that when Petunia mentioned “that awful boy,” she was actually referring to Professor Snape instead of James Potter.

Pottermore gave us more insight to Petunia and her husband Vernon.  According to the new information, Petunia left their home out of jealousy and pursued a typing course in London.  She eventually landed an office job where she met Vernon Dursley – described to be as “extremely unmagical, opinionated and matierialistic.”  He was, to Petunia, normal.  He returned Petunia’s romantic interests and went out on a series of dull dates where he mostly talked about himself.

Vernon soon proposed marriage and Petunia accepted at once.  But with her sister in her final year at Hogwarts, Petunia had to confess to Vernon that she has a witch for a sister.  Vernon was shocked but told her that he will not hold it against her. 

Would it be too surprising as well that Vernon did meet Lily and her then-boyfriend James Potter?  According to JK Rowling, the meeting caused to further rift the relationship between Lily and Petunia.  When Vernon tried to patronize James by asking about his car, James described his broom.  When Vernon discussed about the employment status of wizards, James explained about Gringotts and his family’s wealth in solid gold.  Vernon thought that he was being made fun of and they walked out on Lily and James.  Lily was in tears and James promise to make it up to them when opportunity arise.  But the opportunity did not come up as Petunia refused to have Lily become her bridesmaid and Vernon refused to speak to James during their wedding reception.  Vernon and Petunia also chose not to attend Lily and James’ wedding and their last communication was when Lily wrote to Petunia announcing Harry’s birth to which Petunia threw in the trash after reading.

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