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How time flies!

It was just a few months ago that the Chamber of Secrets opened and now it is almost time for the 2nd House Cup awarding already.  I feel a tad bit ashamed of myself because I wasn’t able to stick to my goal and I ended up with fewer points  than in Philosopher’s Stone.

Even if it’s already November 21st in my timezone, I’m sure that a lot of my fellow Ravenclaws are still brewing and dueling and I greatly apologize for the little help I was able to contribute.  I will definitely duel some more before the time runs out.  Unfortunately, I can hardly brew anymore since the changes were applied.  I’m not sure if my laptop is just glitch-y or I’m just really having a hard time controlling the temperature.  After burning my cauldron thrice, I’ve been traumatized to try again.  Maybe I could be safe with some Cure for Boils even if the points are low.  I’d never been able to brew the Sleeping Potion again.

I’m hoping against hope that a miracle would happen and we won’t end up in the last position.  As it said in our Common Room Board:



Polyjuice Potion   11 comments

Polyjuice Potion

The recent changes in Pottermore made brewing so much harder.  Not so much in the sense of following the step by step process, rather in heating the potions.  The new Swelling Solution and the Polyjuice Potion – Part 1 requires you to heat the potion in low heat for a 20-30 seconds.  And trust me, it is the longest 20-30 seconds of your life. I literally had to stop breathing.  Add to that when times are glitchy for Pottermore and even if you press on off or low fire, it doesn’t work and before you realize it, your cauldron has burnt or you have failed to brew the potion.  Unfortunately, you will have to brew the Swelling Solution to access Professor Snape’s private storage.  Unless you do so, you cannot acquire the necessary ingredients to brew the Polyjuice Potion – Part 1.  And you can’t proceed to Part 2 either without successfully completing Part 1.

By some sheer luck, I was able to brew the Swelling Solution last month after a series of failure. Once. I haven’t been successful brewing another. Then I started trying the Polyjuice Potion – Part 1and have been unsuccessful until today.  You can imagine my joy when I finally got it right.  Like I said, I stopped breathing for 30 seconds while I was heating it for 30 seconds. When I tried again, I failed once more.

So, I said, “What the heck?” I went to try my luck on Polyjuice Potion – Part 2.  Thankfully, this one had to be heated on high temperature.  Though unlike the previous way of brewing, it can be pretty nerve-wracking because the change in temperature is so fast.  I still had to hold my breath and focus with all my might because one wrong move and I’m a goner.  I would have to recollect all the ingredients one by once from each chapter which takes time.

The hardest part is waiting for 18 hours.  Oh, yes.  Polyjuice Potion takes 18 hours in a copper cauldron to brew.  It might be more on a pewter or bronze cauldrons.  So my brewing started at 7:27 AM and when I counted 18 hours, it’s 1:27 AM.  Imagine, I had to wake up in the middle of the night to check my potion.

And so finally, after much frustration, I was able to brew both parts of the Polyjuice Potion.  I might try my luck again, but in the meantime, I’ll savour my success.  I do hope it is not a requirement in the future chapters to brew another set in order to proceed.  Because if they add more pressure into an already complicated brewing process — no, heating process, then I doubt that many students will persevere.  Especially for those who have been having a hard time even before.

My only question here is why make it so complicated.  I’m sure that there are students that are really young who will not have enough skills to do this.  18 hours is a long time, for one thing.

I do hope Pottermore would see through this dilemma.  I’m glad they made some changes to improve the site.  But some changes – especially with heating on low temperatures and the meter is running so fast, I doubt I’d be patient enough.  I might try to brew at least one of each potion like I did today.  But honestly, ever since I’ve been continually failing, I haven’t brewed the old potions not once.  It’s just causing me too much stress.

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Today is a very special day.  For three very important reasons.

1.  JK Rowling’s Birthday

Yes, Happy Birthday to Queen Rowling!  Thank you for bringing us Harry Potter and the magic of reading books.  Your legacy to us will live on.

2.  Harry Potter’s Birthday

The boy who lived. Your character has inspired many of us.  To be courageous and fight for what we believe is right.  To stand up to the truth. To love and let go of hate. To believe in magic. And so many things I am unsure how to put into words.  Happy Birthday!

3.  Pottermore Anniversary

It seemed only yesterday that more than a million Potterheads were clamoring to get hold of the Magical Quill.  And I am proud to say that I was one of them.  Even prouder that I was a Day 1 Pottermore Beta.  I stayed up for hours, unsure when the first clue would be released, wondering what time zone should I take into consideration.

The most important thing about Pottermore is that I met a lot of good friends, too!  Potterheads just like me.  Suddenly, I am no longer alone.  Happy Anniversary to us, Pottermore Family!

The Inaugural Pottermore House Cup   1 comment

The Winner of the Inaugural Pottermore House Cup

Congratulations to Slytherin House for winning the very first Pottermore House Cup.  Second Place belonged to Gryffindor.  And we, Ravenclaws, are in Third Place.  Hufflepuff is in the 4th position.  House points are now reset and we start from the beginning.  Amazing how in such a short amount of time, the scores has gone up to almost 10,000 points.  If only I didn’t have to work, I would have loved to start brewing and dueling right away as well.

Anyway, it has been almost a year since the Pottermore Beta Family started and it was indeed a much awaited event.  Though I’m sad we lost our standing when we first began, I have to applaud the Slytherin house for they deserved it.

I am not quite satisfied with my contribution and so I’m putting up a resolution to allot at least one hour of each day to brewing at least one potion and dueling while at it.  That should be enough for me to at least make 100 points in a weekday.  More on weekends, hopefully.  So that next time, win or lose, I can be prouder of myself and be a credit to my house.

Now, if only Chamber of Secrets would be opened.  That would be perfect.  Anytime now, Pottermore.  Please.

Waiting for the House Cup Winner   1 comment

The day has come, July 5th, although, the announcement has yet to be made.  I am unsure what time zone the winner would be announced but a thick air of tension has been hanging in the air.

One of the concerns almost everyone is concerned about is if Pottermore would pull a Dumbledore.  For those who did not read the books or watched the films, that means the win would be defaulted to Gryffindor.  Second concern is the house points.  Will the points reset or are the points going to be carried over?  Though, in my opinion, it seems more logical for the points to be reset to have an equal footing with everyone at the start of Chamber of Secrets.   However, at the same time, it would feel like losing something important since those points were hard earned by each and every one.

Since these questions can only be answered once the House Cup is awarded, I decided that just in case the points are reset, I would like to keep a memory of my them and my achievements.  A small contribution they may be, but it was a memorable one.  All those sleepless days earning points at the height of the beta testing period, getting frustrated when Pottermore goes into maintenance and you have a potion brewing, dueling for the first time… all these were a memory associated with my house points.

So here are my final scores and the potions I brewed:

My House Points

My final duel challenge before the House Cup. I was lucky because I rarely get a score this high. Thank goodness it was my last and I get to record it.

All the potions I brewed. Some of which I have gifted.


Now, I think I am ready for the awarding of the House Cup.  I have preserved them in my memory so I think I can move on.

Pottermore, anytime now is good.  🙂


The Inaugural House Cup   1 comment

Here we are reaching another milestone in Pottermore.

It’s time for the very first House Cup!

Notices has also been put up on our Gateways and Common Rooms.

So, let’s have fun brewing and dueling! 🙂

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I loved that they added excerpts to some of the books in the Library.  Although I would have liked it better if it’s a full book – whether an E-Book or an actual physical book I can read.  It would have been really fun.

The books that now has an excerpt are:  Curses and Counter-Curses, Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1 (to which I have been unable to click and can only view at the end – much like my dilemma with Measurements), A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration, One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi and The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self Protection.

I must say that my favorite is the Transfiguration book.  By the read of it, it sounds so exciting.  I hope we will have a Transfiguration class in the Chamber of Secrets.  It would be quite fitting as Harry, Ron and Hermione would be using a Polyjuice potion to look like another person.

And I also love this phrase in The Dark Forces – “there is no cure once you become a werewolf, so try and avoid being bitten at all costs.”  I wasn’t sure if the author was trying to be helpful, funny or sarcastic.  Did he know Lupin by any chance? Ha-ha.