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The next eight chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is out. I enjoyed it, even if as I have mentioned in my previous article, I hoped there were more to it.

There are new things, however. It was a nice surprise to hear audio clips in scenes where there was no interaction. I was surprised and pleased about it. I usually listen to the Harry Potter audio books at work and it’s great especially when you don’t have time to sit down and read.

My favorite chapters are here as well. The Marauder’s Map, in particular. I have always wondered what happened to the map after the fake Moody borrowed it from Harry and thanks to JK Rowling’s new content, I found out that Harry got it back when fake Moody’s office was empty. I also found out how they were able to plot the map of Hogwarts being an animagi and with the help of the Invisibility Cloak. I also thought that from the time of James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, the map came into different hands before being confiscated by Filch and finally beinb stolen by the twins. It was in fact confiscated from the four of them and stayed in Filch’s drawer for the next, I dunno, couple of decades probably, before the twins got it. I do wonder, still, how the twins discovered how it works. Maybe a bit more insight? Anyway, I especially loved how they visualized the entrance to the secret passage from the statue of the humpbacked, one-eyed witch. And the witch’s name is Gunhilda of Gorsemoor. She developed a cure for Dragon pox according to the chocolate frog. The visit to the Honeydukes was a treat. How I wish I could grab all those sweets! Makes me want to get myself some chocolates and candies next time I’m out shopping.

I also liked Peeves’s drawing in the Flight of the Fat Lady. He was making laughing sounds and sitting on top of the student’s head. I think he stole that scene from the Fat Lady.

The details on the dementors is amazing. You can see their bony hands and the sounds they are making will give you the creeps. Add the background of thunders and you get a really scary moment there.

I am not content though with the chapter on the Three Broomsticks. I hoped they brought us inside, at least. It was cold outside, to be honest. And that snowball I picked will surely melt in my trunk.

The Patronus charm is also inteoduced of course. There’s a scene in the classroom where Professor Lupin was teaching Harry. I can’t wait till book 5 to finally discover what form my Patronus would look like. Even now, I hope that Pottermore will make sure that we each get to know the shape of our Patronuses.

Harry’s head afloat in front of the shrieking shack was wicked fun as well. You can see Draco and his friends running away from fright. I am also glad that they incorporated what the map said to Professor Snape when he tried to discover its secret. Snape gets to be called for his abnormally large nose, an ugly git, an idiot and a slimeball. Hahaha! That never fails to give me a good laugh everytime I read that part. I can only imagine how Snape hated them. Then fate later on decided that he should save Harry out of his love for Lily. Then he threw some floo powder to summon Lupin and it was a very nice scene.

Last is the Quidditch finals which Gryffindor finally won! It was a very happy moment.


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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has always been my favorite. I’ve been looking forward to this since Pottermore opened.

Unfortunately, Pottermore did not live up to my expectations.

Let me first cite the good points. In terms of graphics and animations, this book is even better. The visualization of the scenes were great. I love the scene where we banish the boggart. On my first try, it was a mummy and when I returned for a second run, it was a giant spider. I suppose it changes every time. I also liked the scene with the Knight Bus where you have to catch the galleons as it tilts from left to right.. Though, there’s still a room for improvement there.

Now, let’s get to the bad points. First, there were very few moments in each chapter and there’s hardly anything to do. There is almost no interaction except during the part where you banish the boggart (which was cool!). There is also hardly anything to pick up or collect. I only managed to earn a total of 16 house points. Now, I’m not sure if that is the same for everyone. There is a possibility I may have missed on an item or two.

There were five new information to uncover – Aunt Marge, The Knight Bus, Professor Kettleburn, Sir Cadogan and Boggart. These new information were a treat but honestly, there’s not really much to learn about them.

In short, in terms of content, I wasn’t really satisfied. I find myself going back through the chapters hoping I missed something but unfortunately, that was all there was to it.

Things I hoped they could have done:
* Access to Knockturn Alley – actually I was hoping this was opened back in Chamber of Secrets when Harry accidentally ended up there when he travelled to Diagon Alley using Floo Powder
* Opened the Florean Fortesque Ice Cream Parlour – because that’s where Harry did his homework
* An interactive scene when Harry blew up his aunt
* Harry’s room in The Leaky Cauldron during his stay
* More items to collect besides Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Bean
* An interactive game with the Monster Book of Monsters
* An interaction with the Hippogriff or with Harry flying Buckbeak
* New spells and potions
* More valuable content or new information – though I suppose this is J.K. Rowling’s call

These are just a few, I suppose. But they would have made a difference.

Still, there are more chapters coming and I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe somewhere out there is a redeeming chapter. They better not blotch my favorite scenes with the time turner.

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I can just imagine Lee Jordan announcing the winners in a Quidditch game or Dumbledore awarding the House Cup at the end of the school year.  Anyway, congratulations!  *turns away and cries for a moment*

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Alas, I had to end my Pottermore session.  And so before the 2nd Pottermore House Cup is awarded, here is my last hurray.   Once more, I just want to preserve the achievements I made so far.

My Total House Points:

My Dueling Points:


My Potions and Collections:


My Badges:


I will try harder next time! Let’s keep our fingers crossed, Ravens! I’m still hoping for a miracle however far-fetched it may seem.

The Anticipated House Cup Awarding   Leave a comment

How time flies!

It was just a few months ago that the Chamber of Secrets opened and now it is almost time for the 2nd House Cup awarding already.  I feel a tad bit ashamed of myself because I wasn’t able to stick to my goal and I ended up with fewer points  than in Philosopher’s Stone.

Even if it’s already November 21st in my timezone, I’m sure that a lot of my fellow Ravenclaws are still brewing and dueling and I greatly apologize for the little help I was able to contribute.  I will definitely duel some more before the time runs out.  Unfortunately, I can hardly brew anymore since the changes were applied.  I’m not sure if my laptop is just glitch-y or I’m just really having a hard time controlling the temperature.  After burning my cauldron thrice, I’ve been traumatized to try again.  Maybe I could be safe with some Cure for Boils even if the points are low.  I’d never been able to brew the Sleeping Potion again.

I’m hoping against hope that a miracle would happen and we won’t end up in the last position.  As it said in our Common Room Board:


Polyjuice Potion   11 comments

Polyjuice Potion

The recent changes in Pottermore made brewing so much harder.  Not so much in the sense of following the step by step process, rather in heating the potions.  The new Swelling Solution and the Polyjuice Potion – Part 1 requires you to heat the potion in low heat for a 20-30 seconds.  And trust me, it is the longest 20-30 seconds of your life. I literally had to stop breathing.  Add to that when times are glitchy for Pottermore and even if you press on off or low fire, it doesn’t work and before you realize it, your cauldron has burnt or you have failed to brew the potion.  Unfortunately, you will have to brew the Swelling Solution to access Professor Snape’s private storage.  Unless you do so, you cannot acquire the necessary ingredients to brew the Polyjuice Potion – Part 1.  And you can’t proceed to Part 2 either without successfully completing Part 1.

By some sheer luck, I was able to brew the Swelling Solution last month after a series of failure. Once. I haven’t been successful brewing another. Then I started trying the Polyjuice Potion – Part 1and have been unsuccessful until today.  You can imagine my joy when I finally got it right.  Like I said, I stopped breathing for 30 seconds while I was heating it for 30 seconds. When I tried again, I failed once more.

So, I said, “What the heck?” I went to try my luck on Polyjuice Potion – Part 2.  Thankfully, this one had to be heated on high temperature.  Though unlike the previous way of brewing, it can be pretty nerve-wracking because the change in temperature is so fast.  I still had to hold my breath and focus with all my might because one wrong move and I’m a goner.  I would have to recollect all the ingredients one by once from each chapter which takes time.

The hardest part is waiting for 18 hours.  Oh, yes.  Polyjuice Potion takes 18 hours in a copper cauldron to brew.  It might be more on a pewter or bronze cauldrons.  So my brewing started at 7:27 AM and when I counted 18 hours, it’s 1:27 AM.  Imagine, I had to wake up in the middle of the night to check my potion.

And so finally, after much frustration, I was able to brew both parts of the Polyjuice Potion.  I might try my luck again, but in the meantime, I’ll savour my success.  I do hope it is not a requirement in the future chapters to brew another set in order to proceed.  Because if they add more pressure into an already complicated brewing process — no, heating process, then I doubt that many students will persevere.  Especially for those who have been having a hard time even before.

My only question here is why make it so complicated.  I’m sure that there are students that are really young who will not have enough skills to do this.  18 hours is a long time, for one thing.

I do hope Pottermore would see through this dilemma.  I’m glad they made some changes to improve the site.  But some changes – especially with heating on low temperatures and the meter is running so fast, I doubt I’d be patient enough.  I might try to brew at least one of each potion like I did today.  But honestly, ever since I’ve been continually failing, I haven’t brewed the old potions not once.  It’s just causing me too much stress.

The Inaugural Pottermore House Cup   1 comment

The Winner of the Inaugural Pottermore House Cup

Congratulations to Slytherin House for winning the very first Pottermore House Cup.  Second Place belonged to Gryffindor.  And we, Ravenclaws, are in Third Place.  Hufflepuff is in the 4th position.  House points are now reset and we start from the beginning.  Amazing how in such a short amount of time, the scores has gone up to almost 10,000 points.  If only I didn’t have to work, I would have loved to start brewing and dueling right away as well.

Anyway, it has been almost a year since the Pottermore Beta Family started and it was indeed a much awaited event.  Though I’m sad we lost our standing when we first began, I have to applaud the Slytherin house for they deserved it.

I am not quite satisfied with my contribution and so I’m putting up a resolution to allot at least one hour of each day to brewing at least one potion and dueling while at it.  That should be enough for me to at least make 100 points in a weekday.  More on weekends, hopefully.  So that next time, win or lose, I can be prouder of myself and be a credit to my house.

Now, if only Chamber of Secrets would be opened.  That would be perfect.  Anytime now, Pottermore.  Please.