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Aside from the Marauder’s Map, this is one of my favorite scenes – at the time that Professor Snape was still considered as the bane in Harry’s life rather than his protector.

Boggart Snape

Neville’s worst fear, Professor Snape, wearing his grandmother’s clothes and hat and clutching a red handbag.


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We were all surprised about how Petunia knew about dementors.  We were all baffled when she received a howler from someone in the wizarding world and to realize eventually that it was Dumbledore.  Even more shocking to realize that when Petunia mentioned “that awful boy,” she was actually referring to Professor Snape instead of James Potter.

Pottermore gave us more insight to Petunia and her husband Vernon.  According to the new information, Petunia left their home out of jealousy and pursued a typing course in London.  She eventually landed an office job where she met Vernon Dursley – described to be as “extremely unmagical, opinionated and matierialistic.”  He was, to Petunia, normal.  He returned Petunia’s romantic interests and went out on a series of dull dates where he mostly talked about himself.

Vernon soon proposed marriage and Petunia accepted at once.  But with her sister in her final year at Hogwarts, Petunia had to confess to Vernon that she has a witch for a sister.  Vernon was shocked but told her that he will not hold it against her. 

Would it be too surprising as well that Vernon did meet Lily and her then-boyfriend James Potter?  According to JK Rowling, the meeting caused to further rift the relationship between Lily and Petunia.  When Vernon tried to patronize James by asking about his car, James described his broom.  When Vernon discussed about the employment status of wizards, James explained about Gringotts and his family’s wealth in solid gold.  Vernon thought that he was being made fun of and they walked out on Lily and James.  Lily was in tears and James promise to make it up to them when opportunity arise.  But the opportunity did not come up as Petunia refused to have Lily become her bridesmaid and Vernon refused to speak to James during their wedding reception.  Vernon and Petunia also chose not to attend Lily and James’ wedding and their last communication was when Lily wrote to Petunia announcing Harry’s birth to which Petunia threw in the trash after reading.

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One of my favorite characters is Neville Longbottom.  He’s one of those characters that has made huge transformation and made such an impact.  He’s the boy that almost became the chosen one and yet he made something out of himself in such a way that you will never even think about “what if” or “could have been.”

According to JK Rowling, during the Sorting Ceremony, Neville has requested to be placed in Hufflepuff.  He was intimidated by the reputation of Gryffindor that chooses bravery.  However, the Sorting Hat knew immediately and was determined to place Neville in Gryffindor.  Their silent battle went on for about four minutes, almost reaching a Hatstall.  But the Sorting Hat won and we couldn’t have been happier.

From the shy, unobtrusive boy who forgets everything, he went and became one of the Wizarding World’s hero.

Before and After

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This has been a bit delayed as I’ve been really busy making powerpoint presentations for our team challenge that will commence this October.  But it is better late than never.

So, first and foremost, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend, SilverPatronus, for finally getting her owl.  Not only that, she was also sorted in Ravenclaw!  Friends of the same feather, then?  LoL!

Taken last July when we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

It was Sunday afternoon when she informed me that she finally received her owl.  I think she’s gotten it in the morning but only checked that afternoon.  I was ecstatic for her.  I was about to take a nap back then since I have been awake since 10PM Saturday night and had been brewing for countless hours.  I was already logged out of Pottermore and was just about to sign out of my laptop when I received her text message.  I immediately logged back in.  I wanted to wait to find out what wand she would get and what house she would be sorted into.

So, I advised her not to explore just yet.  Just click through them for now and go straight ahead to Diagon Alley to get a wand and get sorted.  I explained to her that she can browse through them later.  And she did follow my advice.  In a few minutes, she was in Diagon Alley and it felt like forever.  When I checked that she’s already in Chapter 6, I immediately viewed her profile and guess what?  Our wands are almost exactly the same!  When I got my Welcome Email, we never discussed Pottermore.  I never told her what the questions were.  So it was a bit surreal to find out our wands are almost twins!  Our wand wood, wand core and flexibility are the same.  We only varied in lengths.  Mine was 11 inches and hers was 10 ¾.

I am now a nervous wreck because she’s headed to Chapter 7.  I knew she also wanted Gryffindor and I wouldn’t mind if she was placed in another house.  Although, in the deepest corner of my heart, how I wished we could be in the same house.  It would be just like Harry, Ron and Hermione.  Spending time together in classes and in their common room and dormitories.

When she announced that she’s in the same house, I was so happy and relieved.  Imagine if she was placed in another house.  I could not imagine myself competing against her for the House Cup. I was simply overjoyed.  I immediately announced it to my fellow Ravenclaws who shared my joy that my real life best friend and I are in the same house.  She’s going to make us proud.  I’m sure of it.

When our excitement died down a bit, I was glad I am finally be able to talk to her about anything in Pottermore.  It was a bit hard to restrain myself talking about Pottermore when she hasn’t gotten in yet.  Now that she’s in, we can compare at last.  We found out that we answered different questions during sorting and we got to compare answers.

Then yesterday, two of my college friends also received their owls.  I didn’t even know they signed up until one of them asked for my username so they can add me.  One of them is also in Ravenclaw and the other was in Gryffindor.

Ah! Such happiness!

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I have always deemed Professor McGonagall an ideal teacher.  She is strict but just.  She is also unbiased – except maybe when it comes to Quidditch and with good reason.  She is the teacher that you will definitely not like to cross but at the same time, you will have great and utmost respect for.  She is such an admirable person. When I read her whole life story, I am all the more amazed by her.  Aside from Professor Snape, who definitely was the most intriguing character in the story, I am always wondering about Professor McGonagall.  I remember that reading somewhere before about a question whether the professors were married, if they have children, and where they go during the holidays.  I have wondered the same thing about her and about the other professors as well.  Finally getting inside information on one of the characters that has a certain air of mystery in them was such a lovely treat. And I like the fact that it was told in several chapters.  It is just like reading a short story. I do wish that we also get information about the other professors in the succeeding books, especially about my Head of House, Professor Filius Flitwick.

I loved her especially in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  I remember having such a wonderful time reading her scenes where she always contradicts Dolores Umbridge.  She was the only professor that Umbridge could not find an actual fault.  Her sarcasm towards her was plain genius.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, she was simply amazing! She stood up and fought with Professor Snape and performed extraordinary magic.  In the movie, the hairs on my back stood when she cast the spell to bring the statues to life to defend Hogwarts.


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