The Sorting Ceremony   2 comments

I really dreaded this point in the beginning.  I was actually quite nervous.  I can now understand how Harry, Ron and Hermione must have felt when they put on the Sorting Hat.  It is scary how those few questions can gauge one’s personality.

So where did the Sorting Hat placed me?

Quite honestly, my first choice was Gryffindor and Ravenclaw is my second.  Upon reading the information about my house, I realized I do belong, quite rightly, in Ravenclaw.  I think I’ve always wanted to be Gryffindor because of Harry.  Just realizing now that Harry is Harry and I am who I am.

It says on the information that Ravenclaws are mostly eccentric and an oddity. Somehow that is how most people view me.  I have my nose stuck in a book at all times and the Library is my favorite place next to my bedroom.  I just love to read and learn everything. I remember my professor saying once that knowing a little something about everything will take you far.  I think I took that to heart.  And indeed, when I ask him anything, he always has an answer. Lastly, I could really relate a lot to Luna and Hermione (as she has a bit of the characteristics of a Ravenclaw).  I’ve experience those ostracisms just because people thought me intimidating – which really isn’t. I’m as sane as Luna, though my head is sometimes up in the clouds like her.  And like Hermione, if I don’t have the answer, I go to the Library – or nowadays, the Internet. Oh! And even if I am afraid of heights, I do like sleeping in a tower.  And Professor Flitwick has always been one of my favorite teachers – Charms!

So there! I’m a Proud Ravenclaw! ♥


2 responses to “The Sorting Ceremony

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  1. OMG~ hahaha! I knew it! 🙂 Congrats!!!!

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