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During a fire drill at 12mn, I decided to check Pottermore Insider blog and found out that another batch of owls were sent – the 8th wave since August 15th.  I shrugged and wanted to ignore it but for some reason, I went ahead and checked my email account.

And there it was – an email from Pottermore at long last!  I must have looked crazy earlier but I didn’t care.  I was happy, ecstatic and bursting with so much energy I can hardly contain.  I was screaming my heart out and jumping up and down.  I forced myself not to perform a futterwacken dance and reserve it until I get home.  I was grinning and smiling at myself.  I was in Pottermore heaven.

It was the longest four and a half hour of my life.  At exactly 4:30am, I logged from from my computer, said quick goodbyes to my colleagues and literally apparated home in less than half an hour.

I immediately went to my email to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and at the same time, I want to preserve that image in my head.

And there it was.  My Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.  I can finally access Pottermore and go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.




2 responses to “Owl Post Again

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  1. how do you siign up?

    • For now, only the 1st 1 million are given access as it is currently in beta stage. But on October, as per announcement, it should be open for everyone. Just visit http://www.pottermore.com for more information when the site will be accessible for everyone. 🙂

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