Still Waiting for the Owl   1 comment

I looked at my phone around lunchtime to check my tweets.  I was no longer surprised that the 7th wave of owls arrived.  A lot of my #pottermorefamily are tweeting that they have finally gotten their Welcome Emails.  And I am happy for them.  Some of them really deserved it as well.

I decided to check my email on my phone after reading the tweets.  I could not resist the temptation.  I was not disappointed to find nothing as I did not really expect it.  Somehow, I knew that if the email arrived, I would somehow feel it.  My friend and colleague said it was okay and there will be a next time.  So I smiled and chucked it out of my head.  I had to focus at work and we also have a training later in the shift.

I did not rush home as I usually did these past couple of weeks knowing there is nothing to expect.  However, when I did get online once I got home, I was overwhelmed by the number of Pottermore betas that got in.  Without realizing it, I am already in tears.

Then I read the post from Pottermore Insider blog.  They finally gave a bit more of an explanation of what is happening and what they’ve been doing and planning to do. In addition, they informed us that they are planning on sending more owls over the next week or so and then pause for a while.  Somehow, instead of feeling better, I felt more depressed.  Imagine if I don’t get my owl still within that one week timeframe?  Somehow, I think I must have been feeling exactly like Harry did in Order of the Phoenix when he was left alone all summer with no news and with no hope of deliverance from the Dursleys.

I have to be honest that this is really frustrating.  Frustrating enough that there are no words to suffice exactly how I’m feeling at the moment.   I promised myself I will stop feeling down and stay positive.  But this is just too much torture and causing me too much stress.  For now, I’m just gonna go and cry some more. Then, I’m going to stop obsessing about this.  I’m going to get a life.  I’ll leave my phone at home so I don’t get to read tweets or access the internet.  I’m going to check my email once every day after I got home from work for a minute or two.  If it’s there, then thank you, Pottermore.  If it isn’t, I’m going sleep and focus my energy on other things.


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  1. True… I have have just been looking at my emails in the morning then move on to my work til i hear another wave.. sigh

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