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The Magical Quill

30 July, 9:00pm PHT (Saturday)

For some reason, I was awakened by a dream I cannot remember.  I checked the time on my cellphone and realized it was already night.  I work on a graveyard shift from Mondays-Fridays so this was not unusual.  I ought to remember my dream when I suddenly realized that I was waiting for July 31st.  I went to grab some dinner which consisted of my own version of a yang chow fried rice, scrambled eggs and hotdog.  I grabbed my laptop around 10pm and went to check the Pottermore website and my email.  I was surprised to find nothing in my inbox.  Didn’t Pottermore asked us to Sign Up our muggle email accounts so they can remind us once the site has opened for registration?

31 July, 4:00am PHT (Sunday)

I feel sleep calling me back to my cupboard under the stairs.  I set my alarm clock to 8:00am.  Then for good measure, I subscribed to Sun Alertz just in case someone tweeted if the website has finally opened its doors. I went back to a dreamless sleep afterwards.

31 July, 7:15am PHT (Sunday)

I don’t know what woke me up.  For some reason, I recalculated the timezone between UK and the Philippines.  Man!  I should’ve set it to 7pm.  I immediately rushed to get my laptop and connect to the internet. Shoot!  The site says, “Due to overwhelming demand, you cannot access Pottermore right now.  Please be patient whilst we try to connect you.”  And this page refreshes every 15 seconds for an hour.  Then it became two hours.  I wished I didn’t sleep as it was working earlier that day.


31 July, sometime around 9:00am PHT (Sunday)

Finally the site was up but to everybody’s disappointment.  The site has not changed at all.  It has been the same screen we’ve all been staring at for the past couple of weeks since JK Rowling made her announcement.

31 July, around 10:00am or 11:00am PHT (Sunday)

I waited still.  I thought it might be too early in London or it is possible to announce it on US Time.  However, when I checked the site, there it was: the announcement for the Magical Quill Challenge.  The header says 7 books, 7 days, 7 chances.  I was ecstatic. The Felix Felicis I brewed definitely gave me some luck.  If it’s just one day, I might not be able to grab a chance.  But 7 days means a lot of chances for me. Then again, it mentioned that it will not announce the time they will release the clue. Oh bother! My mind went like, “I have to wait 24/7 for a clue?”  I psyched myself up and argued to myself.  Firstly, it’s the weekend.  I can stay up all day, all night.  Plus, I didn’t have to sleep until Monday morning since my shift starts at Monday night.  I told myself I can do this and that I have to because I cannot miss work.

31 July, 12:00nn PHT (Sunday)

Nothing.  Still waiting.

31 July, 1:00pm PHT (Sunday)

Nope, there’s nothing still.  Watching NCIS on Fox Channel while I wait for 2:00pm.

31 July, 2:00pm PHT (Sunday)

Getting drowsy.

31 July, 3:00pm (Sunday)

There’s tomorrow.  Or maybe next Saturday. I went to my cupboard under the stairs and slept.  Maybe the liquid luck I brewed wasn’t strong enough.  Or maybe my time ran out.

31 July, 4:00pm (Sunday)

My mom was knocking on the door.  She said she bought food from McDonald’s and that I have to get up or else it will get cold and wouldn’t be nice to eat anymore.  I had to drag myself out of bed.  A little irritated that I had to be woken up.

31 Julym 4:30pm (Sunday)

I climbed back to bed, checked my phone.  And BOOM! There was a tweet from Hypable that the clue was up.  I jumped out of bed.  I was completely awake all of a sudden.  Ran to my cupboard, grabbed my laptop.  Oh no!  Someone turned off the modem and it takes at least a minute or two to get the signal back.  Turned my laptop on while it does that and it felt like forever.  Finally, I connected to the site around 4:45pm.  I was greeted with “How many breeds of owl are featured on the Eeylops Owl Emporium sign?”

I was just reading that earlier when someone tweeted that the question would come from the Diagon Alley chapter.  But for the life of me, I did not count the owls! Quickly pulled up my PDF copy of Philosopher’s Stone as it’s much easier than to ran to my bedroom to grab my book. I love CTRL+F for it surely saved my life.  Found the answer is 5 and used the calculator and multiplied it by 49.  I entered the number on the URL I’ve readied on a notepad and copied and pasted it on the address bar.  It was a Sony website.  I was having doubts.  Did I do that right?  Because nothing is loading.  Then, a minute later, it did.  Whew! I noticed the purple background and knew this must be it.  I have to catch the magical quill and I did!

When it led me to the registration site, my heart was beating triple times.  But I wanted to be sure so I trudged on surely, not quickly. The excitement was overwhelming especially when it showed my name with an announcement that I am magical.  I chose the best on the list – PhoenixMoon.  Though, if you ask me what the others were, I can no longer remember.


Having picked a username, I felt safe to take it a bit slower and paused to print screen my username so I won’t forget.  I clicked on continue and breathe a sigh of relief when it said that a validation email will be sent to email account.

31 July, 5:10pm PHT (Sunday)

I went to open my email.  The validation email has not yet arrived.  “Okay,” that was just a minute ago.  I waited 5 minutes.  Which later turned to 10 mins.  I am now in a state of panic.  I checked twitter and there were people saying that they got their validation emails immediately after.  Some, however, including Andrew Sims that I am following from MuggleCast, said he got his after about 30 mins.  So, I waited for another 30 minutes.  And another.

31 July, 6:05pm (Sunday)

I refreshed the site and it says that the Registration for Day 1 has closed.  I am now in a panic mode.  I registered but haven’t gotten my validation email.  Then, I read Andrew Sims tweet that when he got his email on the 1st try, he got a message that there was a problem with his registration and to try again.  But the registration is already closed! When he encountered the error, the registration was still open.  Evanna Lynch also tweeted that she hasn’t gotten her validation email either.  But that didn’t make me feel any better.

31 July, 8:00pm PHT (Sunday)

Been reading tweets about those who registered successfully and those who didn’t.  Feeling devastated.

31 July, 11:30pm PHT (Sunday)

I decided to go to sleep.  I was exhausted.  I have been awake since 7am.  Exhaustion and disappointment was creeping up on me.  If there ever was a dementor around, they would’ve given me the kiss.

1 August, 11:45am PHT (Monday)

I woke up really late with a headache. Then I realized I haven’t checked my Facebook all day yesterday.  I decided to get my laptop and log in for a few minutes.   For some reason, there was a force telling me to check my email.  My subconscious has not yet given up.  But I did not dare to raise up my hopes.

I was literally shaking.  I was afraid to click on the link.  What if the same thing happened to me the way it did with Andrew Sims on his first try?  But I have to click it to find out, don’t I?  And then there was the sign-in field.  Typed my username and password (really carefully) and it definitely is one of the best “Congratulations” I have ever received.


I later found out that there had been some issues with regards to Yahoo Mail.  But nevertheless, I was able to validate it within 24 hours. I was happy I could do a futterwacken but I’ll reserve that when I receive my Welcome Email.  🙂


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