The Magical Quill Challenge Continues   Leave a comment

On August first, the 2nd clue came out at around 5:00pm PHT.  That morning I called my best friend Angela and reminded her because I knew she wanted to sign up as well.  She and her sister will be my fellow classmates in Hogwarts and we’re all excited.  We could not help talking about it every time.

On the 3rd day, I was still home when the clue came up.  I still played though I did not register.  I was even having a hard time trying to figure out how to levitate the quill.  It was just fun to answer the questions especially that they were getting easier.  At this point I realized it must be a multiplier of seven since it started with 49 on Day 1 and 42 on Day 2.  I figured there could only be two possible Q&A on Day 7.  Either how many deathly hallows are there and multiply it by 7 or how many horcruxes were there and multiply it by 7.

On the 4th until the 6th clue, unfortunately, I was at work during the time the clues came up.  And I was not surprised on Saturday when I found the 7th clue and I was right.  It was the deathly hallows multiplied by 7.

Finally, the Challenge has ended and now we wait.


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