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I was at work on a graveyard shift and it’s lunch break at 12MN. I decided to check my Twitter account through my cellphone. Imagine what everybody was tweeting about? They’ve got their 2nd Pottermore emails! Has the first batch gotten theirs? Have they already accessed the site? Those were the questions running through my head.

I was restless throughout my shift and I was lightning ready to go home when the clock chimed 4:30AM.

I got home probably around 5:00 AM and immediately turned my computer on to check my mailbox.

I got my second email as well!

This is not exactly the email I was expecting.  It was a bit anticlimactic but I was happy nevertheless.  It was days without news and a confirmation letter was a definite welcome than to go home and find nothing.

So, it’s another waiting period.  However, I really am crossing my fingers.  I got in on the 1st Day of the Magical Quill Challenge and it would really break my heart if I had to wait until September.

So what do I do while I wait?  Ah!  #PottermoreFamily is my savior.  I survive the daily anticipation by tweeting with my fellow Potterheads.  I am glad that I am able to find people who share the same passion as I do with the Harry Potter series.  It was a nice change to be able to talk to someone without them checking if you’re sane, without them rolling their eyes or asking you what you meant when you say “Quidditch.”  They understand, they know.   And hopefully, we’d survive the waiting dance and become good friends/family until Pottermore site is finally accessible to us — and even beyond then.


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