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It’s been a week since the first wave of owls was sent to deliver Welcome Emails to a million expectant  Pottermore Betas.  There had been four waves so far between August 15th and August 19th.  Sadly, this author has not been fortunate enough to get hers.

A lot of us Pottermore Betas waiting for our owls are currently having a nonstop No Owl Party in Twitter.  Waiting is the hardest part especially if you have no idea when exactly it will come.  I try to look at things positively but sometimes, one can’t help but be disappointed when it doesn’t arrive.  I am so glad to have met them and formed a PottermoreFamily that I can totally relate to.  They made the waiting bearable and quite fun.  Even though I am quite jealous of those who are already in, I wouldn’t have it otherwise.  I have met such great friends and I am now more excited than I was when Pottermore was first announced because this time, there will be friends waiting for me once I finally have that access.

And in all fairness to Pottermore, all these waiting actually inspired me to write.  I think I’ve written more articles/blogs for the past 2 weeks than I’ve ever done in 3 years.  And it’s good that I can practice in case that in some unknown future, I may finally be able to pursue my first love, writing. Maybe as a journalist or a literary writer.

Hopefully, Pottermore people do have a plan to allow us access before October starts.  How exactly are we to help shape Pottermore if we can’t even get in?  It is less than 2 weeks before the term starts in September.  We want in!

In the meantime, I am faithfully staying perched on my spot near the window and watch for any sign of an incoming owl.  I’ll have a Harry Potter book and some cauldron cakes and butterbeer.  And in the words of Hermione Granger, “And now, we wait…”


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  1. Sounds like a time turner in the forbidden forest…yeah nothing much better to do than to wait… yeah, we wait… Can I have some of your Cauldron cakes pls? I got triangles of Chocolate here in case we got worked up using our patronuses if ever there are dementors to stop our owls from coming…

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