When It All Began   6 comments

I met Harry Potter when I was already 19 years old.  I was already a junior college student.  So, unlike most fans, I did not grow up with him.

Anybody who knew me knows how much I love to read books.  So one day, a classmate came up to me and my best friend and asked us if we’ve ever read about Harry Potter.  We looked at him quizzically.  “No, we haven’t,” was our answer.  Then, he went about explaining about Harry and in the end informed us that there will be a movie coming out in theaters about the first book.  As a rule, my best friend and I would never watch a film that is based on a novel without first reading it.  So we apprehensively borrowed our classmates’ copy.  I was the first to read it as I was a faster reader.

When I started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I could not put the book down.  It was love at first sight.  I was enthralled to say the least. The following day, I was gushing about it to my best friend.  When she had her turn, we knew we will be taking a long journey with Harry Potter.  And we did. We saw him grow up right in front of us and it’s a bond that ties the both of us after a decade of friendship.  And reminiscing about this made me realize that we became friends exactly a year before we met Harry.

We’ve journeyed a long way and it continues to this day.  Harry Potter will always be with us.


6 responses to “When It All Began

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  1. That’s really good. Yeah I didn’t grow up on Harry either so we share that as well. Really touching. Can’t wait to see when you’re done. 🙂

  2. As you know too, I didn’t grew up with harry either… And you’re one of those who introduced me with Harry (there are others but you’re the one i listened to coz I know your taste in books). And I agree with that rule as well but unfortunately I wasn’t able to read the books before the movies (I can’t buy the books and there aren’t many who has to borrow from) until you told me bout the e-books and pdf files and I think it is after Prisoner of Azkaban then I have read them before the Films 🙂 You are my bridge to Harry (and many others – LOL) and I owe my enthusiasm to Harry to YOU! My bestfriend whom I share my love of books and HARRY POTTER! 😀

  3. As a Chinese ,It seems very difficult tome to read an English novel.And,I do not like to read the Chinese edition.So until now I havn’t started reading “Harry potter”series.

    • I understand but I feel bad that you haven’t read them. It’s a wonderful story and there is so many things that you can learn from them. I do hope you’ll change your mind one day. And it doesn’t matter whether it is in English or in Chinese. A good book is a good book, in whatever language. 🙂

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