JK Rowling’s Pottermore Announcement   Leave a comment

Just as every Harry Potter fan is excited and at the same time dreading the release of the 8th and final installment of the Harry Potter series, we were caught unaware to hear a different and quite unusual announcement from JK Rowling.  I should not have been surprised as magical people do exhibit ‘unusual’ behavior and characteristics. 🙂

It started as a scavenger hunt for clues leading to a YouTube website where the owls are gathering for the special announcement.  The geographic locations led us to spell “POTTERMORE.”  Everyone is obviously confused, including me.  Warner Bros is marketing the last film “It all ends here” and yet, the author is announcing “more.”

It was a lifeline that we held on to.  Nobody wanted the magic to end.  Everybody was waiting on June 23rd when the announcement was finally made and it was, I must say, a wonderful surprise.  We can finally get to experience Harry Potter’s world.  In the comforts of our home (for those of us who cannot visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or the set in Leavesden Studios).  JK Rowling said it was her ‘thank you’ to her loyal fans. And it is a thank you that is much appreciated.  Although, we ourselves has a lot to thank her for.  The magic, the imagination, the lessons we have learned and so much more.  It was exciting and could not sustain the joy I felt. It did worry me, a few days afterwards, when she mentioned that there will be a million fans who can grab an early access before it opens to everyone on October.

One in a million chance?  I knew I had to start brewing  a Felix Felicis.


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