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I have always watched the Harry Potter films with my college best friend, Lizzie.  It’s an annual tradition.  However, for the last two films, I was lucky enough to share the experience with my two best friends, Lizzie and Angela (aka Silver Patronus) along with some friends and family.

November 22, 2010

It was a memorable experience.  Not only is this day a Harry Potter Day for us, November also happened to be Lizzie’s and Angela’s birthday months.  The movie starts at 7PM and we’re watching it in IMAX Theatre at the SM Mall of Asia even if it’s not in IMAX 3D format.  The screen is bigger and the seats more comfortable.  Besides that, this is the second to the last film and we just wanted it to be an epic experience.  We’ll definitely splurge on this!

Before the movie, we had dinner at Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria.  I remember having Pesto Pasta and Quattro Formaggi Pizza.  And since it’s my two best friend’s birthdays as well, I surprised them with a cake and a special Harry Potter tee-shirt.  Their expressions were priceless.

I just finished reading the book for the nth time prior to this date.  So as the characters say their dialogues, I could almost mimic them as they deliver their lines.  Prior to this, my favorite has always been Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, in both books and in film.  I think Goblet of Fire was exceptional as well.  I was a bit disappointed with The Order of the Phoenix and the Half Blood Prince.  But David Yates totally redeemed himself to me when I saw this.  To anyone who asked my opinion, this film is the closest it has ever stayed true to the book – besides Sorcerer’s Stone.  Many would say it felt like it dragged as it only showed almost only Harry, Ron and Hermione throughout the film.  But they must realize that it was exactly what happened in the book.  This is their journey to find and destroy the Horcruxes.  I never felt dragged in anyway.  Although there were scenes that I wished were not added or changed particularly about that scene with Ginny during the Bill and Fleur’s wedding and Harry and Hermione dancing in the tent.  But otherwise, it was perfect.

We parted ways that night with a promise to the see the next and last installment together.  It was a date.

July 17, 2011

I love traditions.  Our party last year is exactly the same this year, as promised.  Our venue, of course, is still at the IMAX Theatre in SM Mall of Asia.  We were excited by the fact that this time, it will be in 3D format.  At the same time, we were a bit sad because this is the final installment.  There will be no more dates planned a year ahead. And who knows when I can spend time with my two best friends like this.

Angela and I, along with her sister and cousin met at an earlier time.  We explored and took pictures along San Miguel by the Bay.  We even rode a carousel just for fun. Later, we had dinner, as usual.  This time, we picked an eat-all-you-can restaurant, Mongolian, which is located right across San Miguel by the Bay so it’s overlooking the ocean.  I think if we didn’t have a 7:30PM Harry Potter screening, we would not have been able to exert an effort to rise from our seats.  We were so full. Too bad they didn’t have my favorite dessert, Yema.

When the movie started, we were holding onto one another.  I think we held on to one another almost throughout the film. It finally dawned on the three of us that this is it. I was holding my breath when the opening credits were shown. I think I remembered to breathe just as we were brought back to Shell Cottage.  This may not exactly be by the book as it was with Part I but I am amazed with the way it was presented.  It wasn’t by the book but it stayed true to what are most essential.  For the first time, I didn’t mind if there were alterations.  I was captured by the story telling.  Even if I knew the story from cover to cover, it is like being reintroduced to the story all over again. Like a bedtime story retold every night.  And no, it was not perfect.  There were things I wished was not changed, particularly about Harry not fixing his Phoenix wand.  Ugh!  That really bothers me.  And the fact that the Hallows was not emphasized.  When I watched it again for the 3rd time, I was seated beside a couple and the boyfriend kept asking his girlfriend about the details.  When the guy asked his girlfriend which house the cup belonged to, the girl answered it was the cup from Ravenclaw.  I held on tightly to my seat to keep myself from correcting her.  (LOL!)  He should find another girl who knows exactly what is going on.  He kept asking questions throughout and it was a bit distracting really.  But I’m digressing.  However, it was an example of how the concept of Horcruxes was not emphasized and many moviegoers are at a loss as to their importance.

But overall, I loved it.  We were laughing and crying at the same time.  The film brought mixed emotions. I’m not going to the technical details as I am not an film expert.  And I know people look at these two films separately but I’d like to look at them as one.  I can never separate the one from the other.

It was a bit heartbreaking when we parted ways knowing there’s no more next year for us.  Then, I remembered Pottermore.  And I slept that night with a smile on my face.


4 responses to “A Side Story: HPDH Part I and Part II

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  1. I can never tell this story as well as u did!!! And that carousel too is epic! LOL hehe… and these 2 last Harry Potter films are really special and memorable! I couldnt have watched it better than with all of you im with! 😀

  2. it was epic, wasn’t it? not just the films itself, but our friendship. beh, just realized we’ve been friends for 16 years! epic!

  3. wow it’s been that long? cool! It really is EPIC! not yet counting that we’ve met and been together even before the friendship really started… 😀

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